Date of Birth: 09/21/1913

Date of Death: 08/22/2013

A Life Celebrated: My Mother was born Alice F Pankowski, number 10 out of 11 children of Agnes and Joseph Pankowski, Polish immigrants. She graduated from Bay View High School in Milwaukee,WI in 1930. She married Walter Nawrocki on June 24, 1939 and had 3 children: Thomas, Marsha, and Patricia. She was an excellent seamstress and made all of the family’s clothes on her Singer Pedal sewing machine including coats, suit jackets and purses. She loved playing the piano.

Treasured Memory: She taught me how to play chess, ping pong, numerous card games and the multiplication tables.

Remember Always: She valued education. She graduated from High School in 3 years by going to summer school each summer. She saved so that all her children, including the girls, could go to college. All of us got graduate degrees. I learned the value of deferred gratification from her.

Acknowledgements I would like to thank the two hospice teams from Companion who took care of my mother. Team from April 20, 2013-July 18, 2013: Erika, Adam, Kristina, Raul and Bich. Team from August 21-22. 2013: Rocio, Nancy Hale, and two other wonderful nurses who cared for her in her last hours.